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Learn more about your roll up and overhead garage doors with these amazing tips. Excellent repair ideas

  • Garage door operators should be properly maintained

    Regardless of what brand of door opener you have, it’s important to have a regular maintenance routine to make sure that your unit continues working without problems. Also, the maintenance checks should not only be on the door opener unit. The actual door panel and framework should be consistently examined and properly maintained.

  • Metal door luster preservation

    Our Garage Door Repair Yonkers experts do not recommend repainting if you want to preserve the door’s lustrous appearance. The best way is to apply resistant protecting coat on its entire surface. The coating serves as protection from acid rain, oxidation, and rust formation. It also functions as dirt repellant so it is easier to clean.

  • Read the Manual

    Although it's very important, not everyone reads the user manual. At times we can get away with out, but our experts strongly advice homeowners to read the manual for their garage doors. The manuals note important reminders, cautions, and safety features that can save you from any possible accidents in the future.

  • Regular Maintenance is a Must

    Garage doors end up broken when some people just leave it as it is for a long time. Garage door maintenance must be done frequently. According to Garage Door Yonkers experts, failure to check and maintain the door increases the risk of replacement.

  • Avoid Finger Injuries

    Surprisingly, reports of finger injuries increase annually due to garage door opening because of opening the door manually sometimes. If hands are placed in between the springs, it is risky. It is important to wear gloves or just stay away from springs according to our technicians.

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