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  • How can I improve the looks of my garage door without spending loads of money?

    First of all, a brand new coat of paint goes a long way. If that's not enough, you can try painting on windows, attaching decorative carriage hinges, or buying a new handle. All these little details will add huge amounts of character while suiting relatively very small budgets.

  • If my garage door is broken, should I buy a new one?

    Though yes is seemingly the best answer, the truth is it isn’t. You can have it checked or repaired first. There is a chance for the problem to be solved without buying a new and more expensive garage door. 

  • Is garage door maintenance expensive?

    You might be worried about the idea of constant garage door maintenance. According to experts in Yonkers, it's best to just take a look at it every few months or so. If something looks out of place, you can always contact us for help.

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