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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

A complex mechanism like a garage door can experience all sorts of issues. If you have a question about this system, or the different parts that help it move, take a look at the FAQs listed below to find the answer. Call us if you're looking for more information.

Do I need a lock on my garage door?

Most of today's newer garage door openers do not require a lock as when they are turned off, the door will not open. However, with older doors, installing a lock is not recommended because the door can still be lifted from the outside and damage can result. Installing a lock should only be considered if you do not intend to use an automatic opener on your home's garage door.

Why doesn't my remote control work anymore?

There are numerous reasons why your remote control may longer work. The most obvious is that the batteries may need to be replaced. But other factors can also occur like an internal lock may have been turned on or the door itself may have a problem with the springs or opener motor. If replacing the batteries or reprogramming the remote doesn't help, contact our specialists and have one of our technicians isolate the problem and make the proper repairs.

Should I consider insulating my door?

An insulated door saves energy by keeping the temperature in your garage closer to the temperature in the rest of your home. Insulation also makes your door more durable, quieter, and helps to protect your car and belongings by making it less likely that cold weather will affect your car. If you work in your garage, keeping it more comfortable is obviously a big advantage. Ask our experts for information about adding insulation to your home's garage door today.

Why does my door go into reverse when I try closing it?

In most instances, there's an obstruction blocking your door and the automatic mechanism is reversing the door's direction. Check to see if a rake, broom, or other object is in the path of the door and remove it. If nothing is in the way and the problem continues, give our technicians a call to have one of our specialists take a look and remedy the situation.

What's a cheap way to improve the look of my garage door?

A brand new coat of paint goes a long way. It can help keep your door panels protected from the elements and preserve their curb appeal. If that's not enough, you can try painting on windows (if your door has them), attaching decorative carriage hinges, or buying a new handle. All these little details will add huge amounts of character while suiting relatively very small budgets.


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