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Step By Step Manual Garage Door Operation

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Step By Step Manual Garage Door Operation

Manual Garage Door Operation | Garage Door Repair Yonkers, NY

We have gotten so used to technology these days that a lot of homeowners don't know what to do once pressing a button to operate their motorized garage door goes in vain. If your home or neighborhood suffered from a power outage, or you simply lost a remote on the way home, follow these tips to safely open and close your garage door by hand.

Pulling the Red Rope

You should be able to easily locate the red cord underneath your garage door opener. This rope essentially disengages your motor and switches the door into a manual mode. Sometimes, it will be positioned quite high up and you might need a ladder to get to it. Once you have it within your hand's reach, make sure the door is shut so that it doesn't come crashing down once you pull it down and backward. Before doing this, also ensure you undo any safety locks and latches which secure the mechanism for an easier movement.

Opening and Closing the Door

Now that your opener is disconnected, carefully grasp onto the handle and lift your door. Depending on the model of your door and its age, it might be difficult to do this by yourself so having a neighbor or a family member to help is a great way of minimizing the danger.

Reconnecting the Opener

Once your power is back on or you've set up a new remote, you will want to return your garage door to automatic mode. You can easily do this by pulling the red cord again, this time toward the front. You should hear a click of a sort which indicates the motor has been engaged again. Now, try out your remote and see if all works. Make sure you re-attach any safety latches and locks back in place so as to guarantee your safety.

Your Team for the Job

If the problem persists and you struggle with getting your opener or remote back in action, give our professionals at Garage Door Repair Yonkers a call and we'll come out to resolve the issue in no time.


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