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Okay, you have finally selected the specific garage door that you want, and then, you’ll have to choose the type of garage door opener you want. One of the most difficult decisions you’ll face when it comes to choosing your garage door, is deciding the kind of garage door opener you’d want to have.  Choosing a garage door opener is easy when you walk into Garage Door Repair Yonkers. We have a wide range of openers for garage doors available in different brands and models.

There is an abundance of garage door opener brands out there on the market to choose from

Garage Door OpenerThe market is flooded with numerous garage door openers, with our garage door company, all the top brands garage door openers are assembled in one place. Some of the door opener brands we offer include:

·    Genie

·    Liftmaster

·    Chamberlain

·    Craftsman

·    Sears

·    Marantec

However, before you decide which garage door opener brand you’ll choose, you must decide on the type of door opener model you want. Here are the three basic models of garage door opener.

·    The Chain Drive – These are designed to open the heaviest garage doors.

·    The Screw Drive – These are perfect for areas with extreme climates because they will work well in extremely hot and cold weather. This is not true of the other door opener types.

·    The Belt Drive – Belt drive door openers are designed for households that have bedrooms or apartments over the garage. The belt drive door opener makes the least noise of all the door openers.

Once you have made a decision on the type of opener that would best suit your needs, then you can look at the different brands to see which one is more to your liking. No matter which brand door opener you choose; openers are available as chain drive, screw drive and belt drive. It is your decision as to which brand you think will work best for you.

One of the best ways to find out which garage door opener Yonkers will work best for you is to ask our knowledgeable garage door staff. Each of our employees is trained not only to install or repair your garage doors, but they also know everything about our garage door opener products. Ask them any question pertaining to garage door opener repair and broken door opener and you will realize that they are knowledgeable on how to service garage door opener. Yonkers Garage Door Opener Service Company is reliable and efficient; you can depend on us to provide quality service.

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